We proudly Serve Macomb County and surrounding areas!

Tip Top Timber Co. is located in Armada Michigan and we're professionally licensed and experienced in tree trimming. We'll help ensure your property and home is safe from falling debris and help your trees to stay healthy and safe! If you have a tree that's overgrown and looks like it could potentially cause damage, please don't hesitate to call Tip Top Timber Co.!

Why Trim Trees?

Trimming a tree will make it look much better! An overgrown can give your home and property an undesired look. By trimming your trees, they will have a uniformed size and shape that will give your landscaping a professional feel.

Trimming a tree makes them healthy. When dead tree branches are removed, it will allow room for new healthy growth that will make the tree stronger.

The most important reason in trimming a tree is to make it safer! When a tree is left overgrown, it is inevitable that a branch will eventually fall. Large branches can cause lots of damage when they fall or interfere with structures, homes, or vehicles. By removing these branches ahead of time you will protect your property and family.